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Hello. I'm Geneva!

I am a person who grew up with a loving father that was always positive no matter what the situation was.  He taught me never to complain about anything. I believe because of his example, I live a life of gratitude. I am a person that values starting my day before the sun comes up.  It's my time to journal; read; reflect and work out. I am so grateful to God for his blessing. I once had an encounter with a  young mother with a  toddler. I had never met her before. She obviously had observed me taking lunch breaks around the office. She approached me and said you always seemed to be "handling" your business..  This statement surprised me and made me aware that I had a responsibility to be that example. There have been countless that have believed in me.  I truly want to be that beacon for others.

My BIG Why

 Faith, Family, Fitness, and Personal Development 

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